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Scent notes: grassy green tea, vibrant purple orchids, blooming cherry blossoms, rice milk.

Imagine a civilization completely run by women; perhaps it’s an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. It’s the most amazing place you could ever see, with white sand beaches, palm trees, beautifully blooming flowers, and more coconuts than you could ever hope to eat. The waters surrounding it are crystal blue and serene, and the women lead their lives peacefully, passing their days in satisfied leisure. There’s no need for men for reproductive purposes; the women just seem to arrive out of nowhere, out of the very ground itself. It’s almost as if the island is producing the women and letting them rule their own world as they see fit. They’ve advanced far ahead of the rest of the world in every way (especially in math and science), and the women live happy, easy lives with little disease and no hunger.

Now imagine that the rest of the world somehow hears about this island. Maybe a ship passes in the distance and marks their map with a notation that there’s an island where, indeed, there’s not supposed to be. Maybe that ship sails closer, and its inhabitants decide to disembark and walk onto this perfect island and decide to claim it as their own. Only they find themselves outnumbered, and under-armed, as the women rise to protect their land. The men leave, and head back to their homeland, vowing to return to this hidden paradise and make it theirs. They saw the advancements; they saw the fertile land (and women). They saw what they could take, and ruin.

The women face a conundrum. Do they risk a war against invaders, and the possibility of losing their peaceful way of life? Do they welcome them with open arms, and still likely lose their peaceful way of life? The women talk. And talk. And talk. And decide the thing to do is disappear. Using their advanced, secretive scientific ways, the women sink the island, so when the men return, there’s no island to be found. They search for weeks, and the tale of the missing paradise is passed around from ship to ship, from person to person, of this hidden island oasis that magically vanished. Below the surface, deep in the ocean’s majestic depths, the women are still there, laughing.

Scent notes: grassy green tea, vibrant purple orchids, blooming cherry blossoms, rice milk.

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