The Solar Witches Collection Box

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  • Scent Notes
    Air Witch Scent Notes: Fresh air, sweet limes, lychees and hay with a deep sassafras base. Book Witch Scent Notes: Two vanillas, chai tea, sticky benzoin resin, white amber, and many, many old books. Fire Witch Scent Notes: Burning leaves, gunpowder, leather, cardamom, clove. Forest Witch Scent Notes: Rosewood, guiac wood, and mahogany form the rich heart. Labdanum, hyssop, and a mossy forest floor meld with a drop of animalic musk. Garden Witch Scent Notes: Bright stone fruits, petrichor and fresh turned garden soil, atlas cedarwood, daisies, and galbanum. Kitchen Witch Scent Notes: Fresh baking black bread with honey and butter, dalmation sage, white thyme, rosemary. Lunar Witch Scent Notes: Rich vanilla and tonka, Indian sandalwood and black oud, a drop of patchouli. Water Witch Scent Notes: A truly rare blend of mosswater, copal resin, ylang ylang, and black musk.
  • Description
      A collection of all your favorite Solar Witches (Book Witch, Water Witch, Lunar Witch, Kitchen Witch, Fire Witch, Garden Witch, Solar Witch, and Forest Witch) together at last in square dram form! There’s also the new Witch in town, Air Witch. Grab the whole coven in this fantastic collection!

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