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  • Scent Notes
    Sugared lemon, sweet frangipani, tonka.
  • Description

      When a woman is in charge of a family or a society, it’s considered to be ruled by a matriarch, and thus, is matriarchal in nature. It should come as no surprise that Suc is a matriarchal company, and we are big fans of the thought of women being in charge of anything/everything. This scent is our ode to sweet, strong, sensitive matriarchs of all kinds, whether they rule societies, countries, or just their own houses (even if they’re the only people living in them). If you identify as a woman and any or all of these apply to you: You’re the only one keeping your life running; you’re a mother of any kind; you’re the head of a company; you’re the ruler of an entire society; congratulations! You’re a matriarch! We salute you. Long may she reign. 

      Scent Notes: Sugared lemon, sweet frangipani, tonka.

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