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  • Scent Notes
    Rich vanillas infused with cream.
  • Description

      Make sure you've read all the chapters before this so you know what happens! Start with Tesseract, then Neverwas, then Bailiwick.

      Scent Notes: Rich vanillas infused with cream.

      Mandy awoke in a small, cramped room on a small, hard cot. She had a terrible headache, the worst she’d ever had. And she was no stranger to headaches, as migraines ran in the family. Her mother had them a few times a year, which left Mandy to be in charge of her sisters while their mom was out for the count for up to three straight days. She’d yet to have a migraine, but she imagined it couldn’t be too different from what she was currently experiencing. She swung her legs over to the side and bent over the edge of the cot, holding her head in her hands until the pounding subsided a little bit. There was a tray just in front of her feet, which was just in front of the door, where there was a small slot that could be unlocked so the tray could slide in. There was what appeared to be a sandwich wrapped in foil, an apple, and an incredibly tiny bottle of water on the tray. To her right was a wall. To her left there was a small toilet, and above it, a sink, jammed into the corner between her cot and the wall. It was basically a prison cell, although she knew in her gut she wasn’t in an actual prison as the small window at the top of the room wasn’t barred, and the door was a proper heavy door made of metal, not just a row of bars. But she was either in total shade or the light into the window was totally blocked, as no real light ever seemed to shine into the room. She felt in her pockets; they’d taken everything. She was trapped in this room, alone, with no way out and nothing to do....

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