Danger Noodle

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Heck! Be on the lookout for the scaly Danger Noodle, last seen a-slitherin’ around in the garden outside, wiggling its tongue and warding off trespassers. Although, deep down, the noodle is not actually dangerous; it’s sweet and it wants to protect you, get rid of pests, and balance our ecosystem while getting around with no limbs. No limbs at all! Imagine if you had to slither on your belly everywhere. Yowch. Most of them are not poisonous and just look scary, especially when eating. But, honestly, don’t we all look threatening swallowing a large meal when we haven’t eaten all day? We certainly do. Yes, you did just watch that cupcake get swallowed whole; fear us more than you fear the sweet, misunderstood Danger Noodle.

Scent Notes: Buttery tonka bean with tobacco flowers and cream. A swift bite of congac essential oil and creamy copal resin

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