Man Grunt

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The noise is unavoidable. Just like keeping your legs spread wide on public transportation, you just can’t help it. Every time you lift something at the gym, it happens. When your boss asks you to do something, it just escapes your lips. When your old lady starts nagging on you for something, it doubles in intensity. Sometimes it happens for no reason at all except to assert your masculinity to whomever happens to be around. It’s your Man Grunt. It’s primal; nothing can stop it. You’ve tried to hold it back like a sneeze when you sense it happening at an inappropriate time, but you’re a man, dammit, and grunting is your birthright. Go on and grunt your way through life. Nobody will stop you; they are powerless when faced with your all-manly, all-mighty grunt of masculinity.

Scent Notes: Golden amber, black patchouli, citrus, warm woods

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