Sea Glass

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Sea Glass is the perfect beachy, summer scent. It’s a siren, washed ashore, feasting on mangos and coconuts and luring men to their demise. It’s a juicy book read discreetly on your Kindle so nobody knows why, exactly, you’re smiling so devilishly under your sunhat. It’s expensive sunscreen slathered on a lover’s back before they go take a dip in the ocean. It’s the confidence to wear that bathing suit because, yes queen, you DO look amazing.

Of course, summer doesn’t last forever. Spray this on whenever you need to feel sexy or want to pretend that you’re not stuck at your job, discreetly playing Candy Crush on your phone when your boss isn’t looking. Not that we know anything about that.

Scent notes: Juicy mango, ripe yuzu, whipped coconut cream, sea moss, pure honey from the comb, Tahitian vanilla, salty spray.

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