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Okay, let’s get one thing clear: Jon Snow was lucky to have you. You took that spoiled, headstrong boy and turned him into a damn MAN, willing to do what’s necessary in order for the greater good. Sure, your relationship ended tragically, but most grand romances end up going down in a blaze of glory and arrows through the back. Your street smarts, quick wit, brazen feminist agenda, loyalty, natural good looks and kissed-by-fire hair made you the total package. Wildling, you make our hearts sing. You’re the perfect combination of tough and feminine, strong but soft, gentle yet will absolutely kill you with an arrow without question. You’ve been gone for almost as long as you were here, perhaps longer, but your life has made us forever change the way we look at caves, and what to look for in a man, because they should all be excellent orators, or what’s the point?

Scent notes: A thick cloud of Egyptian musk drifting from the stall of an outdoor market on an overcast afternoon. Coconut milk bought from a vendor hung with pikake flowers, as you rest in a field of sunflowers against an oak tree gazing at the bodies of your enemies.

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