Sample set of 5 2ml perfume oils from Stone and Wit

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Our friend Rich over at Stone and Wit is a lifelong reading and music addict. He is heavily influenced by art - namely punk, post-hardcore, synthwave, science fiction and fantasy - in almost every aspect of his daily life. He dives headfirst into every interest with passion and a desire for perfection.

This set of five 2ml perfume oils contains the following:


A dark wood accord, like well weathered ship's timbers, forms the base for the heart of sweet rum and jasmine and top note of lime juice.

Descriptors: floral, sweet, spices, booze

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance (including clove, a possible sensitizer)

About: The name Etta comes from a trilogy of books called The Liveship Traders written by Robin Hobb. Hobb is one of my favorite authors, and her character Etta is one of my favorites from this trilogy. Etta is a vicious pirate and throughout the series she does not hesitate to do what is needed, even if it means escalating situations beyond what is necessary...


The Red Hare

Fresh ginger, fig preserves, and deep blonde suede combine into a sweet and zesty playfulness that's kept grounded by a soft and earthy suede accord.

Descriptors: Jam, fruits, gourmand, leather

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

About: Named for (and by!) my son, I sought to capture the layers of his personality through the traditional layers of the fragrance pyramid. His loud and wild exterior (as well as his red hair), his intensely warm and sweet character, wrapping you with hugs and cuddles and love. Bright and spicy fresh ginger cuts through a rich accord of fig preserves, caramel, almond and cherry, the blonde suede accord gives a soft and deep base.



“You seek a false comfort when you demand that I define myself for you with words. Words do not contain or define any person. A heart can, if it is willing.”

Golden apricot brandy, filled with notes of caramel, juicy apricots, dried apricots, berries, cherries and hints of oak. The base is a soft slightly creamy accord of white sandalwoods and pale cedar.

Descriptors: Brandy, apricots, soft, wood

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

About: The Fool. Amber. Lord Golden. Beloved. All names for one of the main protagonists from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series. A person of ambiguity, facets, disguises, philosophy. Beloved's dialogue from Hobb’s books have resonated with me on a deep level. Some have even changed my approach to life.


Blame, etc.

Opens with tart and juicy pink peppercorn, balanced by herbal, sweet coriander.

The pink peppercorn carries over into the heart notes: bright jasmine, spicy and leathery saffron, supported a rose accord.

The dry down is a mellow, smokey incense and honeyed woods.

Descriptors: deep, tart, floral, saffron, leathery, smokey, earthy

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance, isopropyl myristate

About:  The Afghan Whigs have been one of my favorites since the mid-90s. Musically, they write gritty, caustic rock with a huge Motown and soul influence. Lyrically, they write vignettes of bad people, bad faith, and toxic relationships. Blame, etc. is one my favorite songs by them, but this fragrance is based on their whole discography.



A deep oud accord and sweet raspberry suffuse their way up through the middle notes of clean, transparent jasmine and top notes of fresh lime peel accord. There's something comforting, something addictive and something otherworldly in this.

Descriptors: dried fruit, sweet, wood, heady

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance

About: Way back in 1998 or 1999, not long after I started working in a bookstore, an unusual cover caught my eye. A woman's face surrounded by leaves, scratched out white space, a grungy typewriter font. This was 100% my aesthetic! I read the first story or two on my lunch break that day, bought the book and devoured it (or maybe it infected me). Extremities by Kathe Koja. In turns horrific, weird, and unnerving, sparsely dotted with cold constellations of optimism. This fragrance is named after her first book but based on her strange body of work.

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