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David Bowie six dram box set from Sugar and Spite
David Bowie six dram box set from Sugar and Spite

David Bowie six dram box set from Sugar and Spite

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We are so happy to announce that we got our sticky fingers on the super limited edition David Bowie six dram box sets from Sugar and Spite. This is the entire Exquisite Alien collection.

If you'd like to read reviews from Sugar and Spite or any of our other awesome shops, please check out our forum!

From their website:

6 dram size perfumes in a box, with ribbon. Comes with a limited Bowie sticker that's not part of the regular collection and only comes with the sets.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps): Sepulchral incense, saffron threads, agar, black cedar, apple liquor, and rosewood.

Queen Bitch: Seductive, woody perfume notes, deceptively sweet Tahitian vanilla, the swirling smoke of a clove cigarette, skin musk, and a small rose, smashed and crushed under the heel of a leather boot.

The Pretty Things are Going to Hell: Black fruits, ginger root, a shot of bourbon spiked with fiery cinnamon, and bad omens written in bitter tea leaves.

Bless You Madly: Warm, syrupy vanilla, dogwood, dry coconut husk, Hawaiian sandalwood, and a wreath of opulent flowers.

Moondust Will Cover You: Lush green foliage, tiny, still-green wildflowers bathed in moonlight, and a sweet breeze that smells of love and sorrow.

Blackstar: Mourning, longing, the void... ethereal shades of pale ginger, baby's breath, white amber, bone white driftwood, somber sandalwood, and arm milk swirled with vodka.