Glowing with Warmth Set of 5 2.25ml EDP Samples from 4160Tuesdays

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      Andrea recently took a class with the wonderful Sarah McCartney, the owner and master perfume blender behind 4160Tuesdays. She loved the class so much, she asked her to join the Indie Marketplace, and she accepted!

      From their website: 4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where we've been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. We create all our perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at our Hammersmith studio, where we also run fragrance-making workshops.

      Our perfumes are inspired by a place or a person at a certain moment, and created by our perfumer, Sarah McCartney (who isn't related to any of the other more famous McCartneys but she does get asked quite often). 

      We'd like to make our world a lovelier place starting with the small space around us and working outwards. 4160 Tuesdays stands out from other niche fragrance brands not just because it’s British, creative, witty and pioneering, but for an indie house handmaking all our fragrances, we're unusually affordable. We want everyone who’s interested in fragrance to be able to try them. 

      Want to explore indie maker reviews? Please visit our forum!

      This listing is for a set of their Glowing with Warmth perfumes in 2.25ml atomizer EDP form, as follows:

    • Captured by Candlelight 
    • The scent of a huge Christmas pudding alight with blue brandy flames, served in an oak panelled dining room, lit with candles in 1933. Rich, fruity & boozy, with woods and a wax candle note. 

    • Red Queen 
    • Red Queen is the second in our series of fragrances made for Ҫafleurebon’s birthday. Ҫ is a community dedicated entirely to the niche and indie fragrance community worldwide, run by the indefatigable New Yorker Trekkie and glamour queen Michelyn Camen. “Make me a rose I can love,” she asked, or rather told me. Red Queen is set within Alice in Wonderland, so it’s a whimsical spiced rose, with hints of Mad Hatter’s tea party and references to the elegantly clad White Rabbit in its carrot seed and parsnip essential oil top notes.

    • The Dark Heart of Old Havana 
    • It’s the smell of a walk through Old Havana in the evening, from the Hotel Sevilla to the Cansion del Tango for a dance lesson with Ketty and Felix. Wafts of coffee and tobacco, sweet, sugary desserts cooked with baskets of oranges and mangoes. The scent of peaches beginning to turn overripe, and citrus peel going squishy in the gutter. From a dark doorway a handsome man in white whispers, “Do you want a Cuban boyfriend?” and I speed up a little, squeaking “No! Thank you very much for asking all the same!" And then the old Cubanos at the tango club greet us with smiles, songs, rum and kisses.

    • Shazam!
    • Shazam! is the scent of a magic carpet flying over Marrakesh. It first existed only as fiction, in perfumer Sarah McCartney's novel, The Scent of Possibility, then she decided to bring it to life. Its 19th Century style amber base is made with dark labdanum balsam and soft vanillin. Then we throw the whole spice market at it: frankincense, patchouli, pink pepper, juniper berries, tangerines, holy basil, cedar, cardamon and cocoa, and the scent of freshly squeezed oranges.

    • Take Me To The River
    • Take Me To The River captures the sensuality of a relationship that's going nowhere, but is way too much fun to give up just yet. It's inspired by Talking Heads' live 1980 version which you can watch online if you're interested. We made three accords: irresponsible irresistible temptation - mostly musks - wine and roses, with cognac essential oil, rose absolute, some fruitiness and spices, then one named Chair: the kind of ancient worn leather sofa that smells of tobacco and layers of beeswax polish, a chair that's just about large enough to hold two people who would like to become better acquainted. 

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