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Pajama Party sampler set
Pajama Party sampler set

Pajama Party sampler set

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Our Pajama Party was a fun group release, with each participating house 'bringing' something to the party. You can enjoy all of them in our sample set, or head directly to each individual website in the links below to purchase a full sized bottle!

    • From Sucreabeille:
      Rainbow Footie Pajamas, oil dram (Froot loops (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry), extra sugary milk, vanilla, baby powder.)

    • From Deconstructing Eden:
      Burn Book, 2.5ml EDP (College ruled notebook paper, cookie crumbs, indelible ink, glitter lip gloss, and an undercurrent of ruthless ambition.)

    • From Little and Grim:
      Light as a Feather, 1ml oil (Chanting mixed with laughter-- it's just a harmless game, right? Notes include juicy cherries, black currants, Granny Smith apples, mulberries, and white peaches, vanilla marshmallows and strawberry cotton candy, roses, jasmine, and freesia, and a dusting of cashmere, musk, and sandalwood.)

    • From B. Perry Studios:
      Moodring, oil dram (Tingling green mud masks,  Cucumber Melon body spray, flannel pajamas, glitter scented diaries, and the peppermint schnapps from your mom’s liquor cabinet. She’ll never miss it.)

    • From Andromeda's Curse:
    • Ouija, 1ml oil (Pink bubblegum, a sticky handful of cotton candy, a few violet petals and a stick of incense to help summon the demons with)