Preview of upcoming Halloween scents: 12 1ml oil samples

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We're trying something new!

We know that we have a lot of seasonal scents that rotate in and out. It can be frustrating with our turnaround time and our beloved USPS slowing these days. We want you to be able to order a scent, let it rest, try it on a few times, then order a larger size of your favorite before they retire for the year.

Well, here's the plan: we'll send you these 12 upcoming scents looooong before they're released. That should give you lots of time to see what you love and not be rushed. Since this is our first time trying this out and we're working like crazy, you'll notice that the artwork for these samples isn't quite complete, but they're still freaking darling.

The bags are priced at $50 and worth $72.




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