Sample perfumes from Siren Song Elixirs: Pack 1, Arya Stark, Khaleesi, Lady Sansa

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Siren Song Elixirs is a extraordinary perfumery, focusing on perfumes that do not trigger her migranes. She has have a deep love for stories and characters that touch the soul and leave you changed.

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From their website:

I use a combination of fragrance oils, essential oils, and botanic absolutes to create my own custom blended fragrances. All of my original recipes are created pure and undiluted in small batches, and are then blended for use with each individual order. 

There are absolutely NO animal products in my perfumes and they are vegan.

Scents offered in true 1ml vials in coconut oil

Lady Sansa: White oleander, Rose & Peony petals, Lemon Creme, Ginger blossoms, Dogwood

Arya Stark: Tonka bean, Smoky Vanilla, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Steel

Khaleesi: Desert Ghost flower, White amber, Sand, Peony, Sweet grass, Tobacco, Leather

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