Set of 5 1ml Amaranthine sample perfumes from Siren Song Elixirs

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Siren Song Elixirs is a extraordinary perfumery, focusing on perfumes that do not trigger her migranes. She has have a deep love for stories and characters that touch the soul and leave you changed.


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From their website:

I use a combination of fragrance oils, essential oils, and botanic absolutes to create my own custom blended fragrances. All of my original recipes are created pure and undiluted in small batches, and are then blended for use with each individual order. 

There are absolutely NO animal products in my perfumes and they are vegan.

Amaranthine is rooted in the Greek words amarantos, meaning "immortal" or "unfading," and anthos, meaning "flower." The word amaranthine is used to describe anything possessing an undying quality or beauty. It is in emotionally dark and trying times that the soul seeks, and even demands, light and beauty, hope, and reassurance that the love we give and receive never dies. I created the Amaranthine collection as a panacea for the weary soul that seeks something delicate, ethereal, uplifting and beautiful even if fleeting. I hope I am able to send some good vibes your way in sharing it.  

AMARANTHINE (Eternally Beautiful, Undying) - Elegant notes of Egyptian jasmine, a potent aphrodisiac with undertones of tea and honey, is balanced with the warm and seductive notes of sunny orange blossom. This elegant floral duo is layered upon soft creamy notes of rice milk and delicate jasmine milk, tempering the sharpness of the florals, and enhancing their natural beauty, Hidden notes of geranium, ylang ylang, orchid, vanilla and coconut milk linger in the middle notes, creating a floral accord that accentuates the top notes. Bottom notes of warm tonka and oud wood are blended with the suave sweetness of labdanum, a staple fixative for floral fragrances that imparts an ambergris-like depth to the brightness of floral notes. 

Key notes - Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Rice Milk, Jasmine Milk, Tonka, Labdanum

AEVITERNITAS (a mean between time and eternity) - Lush blooming floribunda roses at the height of spring burst from this fragrance, demanding attention, then meld into a happy liaison with pink heirloom peonies and wild meadow roses. Sweet plum blossoms, carnations, and gillyflower add a freshness to the rose accord, never letting it feel dated or overpowering. Wistful notes of fresh, sun-ripened strawberry wafts in and out amongst the beautiful florals and adds a creamy sweetness that is uplifting without turning this beautiful floral into a floramond. Lush blossoms lay upon an oriental base of amber, pale patchouli, aged vanilla, sandalwood and the warm ambergis tones of labdanum for longevity. Classic, modern, and sophisticated, this rose will appeal to those who normally are not drawn to the typical rose fragrance. 

Key notes- Rose, Peony, Wild Rose, Plum Blossom, Oriental Musk, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Labdanum

ANASTASIS (Resurrection & Rebirth) - The pure white lotus, the flower of rebirth and regeneration that flourishes even in the murkiest of waters, is paired with fresh green notes of bamboo and bamboo infused spring water for an uplifting fragrance that renews the senses and the mind. Soft notes of white orchid, sea grass, aloe leaf, ylang ylang, jasmine petals, a hint of green melon and pear are paired with creamy notes of rice milk, jasmine milk, coconut milk and blushed pale amber over a base of labdanum that enhances the floral accord with honey-like notes of ambergris and warmth. 

Key notes - Lotus, Bamboo, Orchid, Rice Milk, Jasmine Milk, Coconut Milk, Labdanum 

IMMORTALITAS (Immortal) - Bright red Polynesian hibiscus blooms, sweet and exotic and kissed by island sunshine, are accentuated with the sparkling notes of a mandarin kissed peach bellini with crisp accents of apricots and a hint of prosecco.  Hidden notes of plumeria, cassis, Tahitian vanilla, a sweet creaminess laced with lily, rose, and orange zest, is drizzled over silky coconut milk and the warm ambergris notes of labdanum for a rich base that tempers the sweetness of the blooms while enhancing the power of their heart notes. The end result is a fragrance that is well-balanced, bringing to mind images of warm sun and exotic blooms with an understated sweetness that is ever present but never overpowering. 

Key notes - Red Hibiscus, Peach Bellini, Mandarin, Tahitian Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Labdanum 

VENUSTAS AETURNAS (Immortal Beauty) - Creamy white magnolia blooms in the fading light of dusk, entwined with an heirloom rose, captivates the senses and lifts the mind to greater heights of calmness and serenity. Sweet honeysuckle nectar lingers in the air and swirls with rich notes of candied fig, creating a richness and a sense of comfort. Grounding elements of smooth tonka bean, rare warm pink peppercorn, and the smooth ambergris and honey tones of labdanum elevate this fragrance to a higher level than a mere floral accord and evokes feelings of quiet elegance and classic beauty. 

Key notes - Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Fig, Pink Peppercorn, Tonka, Labdanum

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