Set of 5 1ml Black like my Soul sample perfumes from Siren Song Elixirs

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Siren Song Elixirs is a extraordinary perfumery, focusing on perfumes that do not trigger her migranes. She has have a deep love for stories and characters that touch the soul and leave you changed.

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From their website:

I use a combination of fragrance oils, essential oils, and botanic absolutes to create my own custom blended fragrances. All of my original recipes are created pure and undiluted in small batches, and are then blended for use with each individual order. 

There are absolutely NO animal products in my perfumes and they are vegan.



BLACK LIKE MY SOUL - The deep smokiness of black gunpowder tea is spiked with a shot of aged bourbon, the smokiness of a burnt sugar infusion, and the blackened charr of a gooey, roasted marshmallow. Add a layer of the blackest cashmere, warm & mysterious, for a scent that finally is as black as my little soul. 

Key Notes - Black Gunpowder Tea, Bourbon, Burned Sugar, Toasted Marshmallows, Cashmere


BLOODY KISSES - Sweet and juicy blood orange is framed with dark and earthy patchouli and the beautiful licorice smell of anise. Rich cherry flavored tobacco notes and black amber balance the sweetness of dark ripe fruit notes of blackberry and plum, playing in the middle notes between the citrus and the earthiness of the main notes. Delicate orange blossom and golden honey linger in the darkness, wafting in and out beneath the citrus, for a soft respite from the boldness of the top and bottom notes. It is sweet, earthy, bold, and not for the faint of heart. 
Key notes - Blood Orange, Patchouli, Anise, Cherry Tobacco, Orange Blossom, Black Amber, Lavender, Dark fruit, Honey, Vanilla

LIPS LIKE MORPHINE - A fragrance inspired by the lingering effects of an intoxicating kiss - heady, sensual, sweet, and addictive like morphine. Sweet vanilla, cinnamon & sugar are given a sensual boost of "come-hither" wanton desire with darker notes of red rose, oriental amber and spice, lavender, black amber, and patchouli with a whisper of bergamot and mandarin for a slight bite of citrus.                                                                                                                                                    Key notes - Rose, Cinnamon, Black amber, Vanilla, Oriental amber, Patchouli, Lavender, Sugar, Bergamot, Mandarin

GHOST KITTY - Ethereal, sweet, and ever present, this fragrance lingers long after it should be gone. It swirls around you in lush notes of Bailey’s Irish creme, espresso, and smooth pale notes of Creme de banana then fades into the warmth of grated nutmeg, a hint of Creme de cocoa, coconut milk, and sweet cream. In the dry-down this intoxicating scent begins to pick up notes of pale white cashmere, pale birch wood, dry coconut husk, and pale white amber. This fragrance starts as a complex and sweet gourmand and fades into a beautifully sweet & soft woods with a silky cashmere afterglow.

Key Notes -Espresso, Creme de cocoa, Creme de banana, Bailey's Irish Creme, Whipped Cream, Nutmeg, White Birch, Coconut Milk, Coconut Husk, White Cashmere, White Amber


GRIM REAPER: The Grim Reaper is a dark figure that many fear, cloaked in black with skeletal hands and a bloody scythe which he uses to cut down helpless souls. But legend has it that the Grim Reaper was based upon the Angel of Death, a figure said to be so beautiful that dying souls instantly fell in love with it and willingly took it's hand to be led into the afterlife. This Angel of Death is honored with fragrances of rare black orchids, icy black ozone, black amber, black truffle and sweet black currant. Delicate floral notes of lotus and lavender herald a reminder of the eternity of the soul and the healing renewal of life and death.                                                                                          Key notes: Black orchids, black truffle, lotus, black currant, balsam, vetiver, dark ozone, black amber, labdanum, lavender


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