Set of five 1ml sample vials of Perfume oil from Vintner's Reserve

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We're honored to be joined by Vintner's Reserve, a perfume company that has it's origins in a winery! They create incredible perfumes, wax melts, candles, bath bombs, and specialize in original accords that smell like their beloved wines. Plus the owner is named Sirah, how perfect is that?

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This is a set of 5 1ml sample perfume oils in Peach Bellini, Banana Pudding, Mint Julep, Amortentia, and Blackberry Wine.

Peach Bellini - Peach nectar, a squeeze of clementine juice, a generous helping of champagne, with a fresh peach slice and strawberry garnish on the rim.
Banana Pudding - Banana, vanilla wafers, and (our secret ingredient) whipped cream!
Amortentia - A bouquet of tea roses, heliotrope, and peach blossom on the table, pomegranate mimosas with fresh seeds floating in the glass, whiskey-soaked cherries, sensual amber and floral musk, and a fresh red apple missing a single bite.
Blackberry Wine - Our Blackberry Wine is made from all blackberries, featuring some boozy tannins to round out the fragrance experience.
Mint Julep - Muddled fresh mint and sugar, bourbon, and a splash of seltzer water make up this classic Derby cocktail.

All of our fragrances are hand-blended by a Vintner (also known as a winemaker) and his wife. All fragrances used are body-safe and jojoba oil is used as the carrier for a long-lasting fragrance that will keep you smelling great all day!


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