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Mystery Grab Bag

Mystery Grab Bag

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This ships to the US only guys! The issue is that the 1oz bottles are all made with perfumer's alcohol, so the bags can't be shipped internationally!

We're doing some deep cleaning in the lab, and we've found some neat things! Each mystery bag will contain a 1oz EDP, and other goodies. You'll see branding from Tiny House Apothecary, and maybe even some labels I did once upon a time for Cascadia Brewing Company!

It'll be one EDP for sure (some with really old labels from Suc's early days last year!), and be valued at at least $50. 

There are two types of bag, vegan and non-vegan. See a very long time ago, I made soap, and some of those soaps contain lard. I no longer use any animal products in the lab, with the exception of beeswax, but these soaps are already made, so I'd rather pass them along than not.

The vegan bags also have soaps, but it's all pure olive oil castile soap, and vegan. Both soap types have been curing for over a year and are super rich and lathery!