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  • Scent Notes
    Vanilla, leather, whiskey, amber, frankincense, cypress, oud, and musk.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Vanilla, leather, whiskey, amber, frankincense, cypress, oud, and musk.

      Blended by Beth. Beth is the scent genius behind Overmorrow, and has designed some of our most popular Suc blends.

      Billy was just fourteen from Greenville Georgia, a small bible belt town of 20.000 people, very conservative, churches on every other dirt road, he was fresh out of Junior High, and had no clue Roosevelt High would eventually become the bane of his existence.

      He entered Roosevelt with a bright outlook even though he knew he stood out, soon enough he would walk through the halls people would laugh at him, bully him, call him names like loser and misfit, because he was so called "Different" he had dark spikey hair, black clothes platform shoes, a leather Victorian coat and wore eye liner, his own family didn't know what to make of him. he was left out in the cold.

      Billy was a soft hearted, sweet kid, and would cry in his bedroom when he got home from school, he was so desperate for a friend, anyone who would talk to him, yet he refused to change what made him the most comfortable to be among the so called norm.

      He began to withdraw into his own world, with darkness slowly creeping up behind him, through his desperation for attention, he started to get into fights with the kids that bullied him, he finally stood up for himself, he was permanently banned from Roosevelt High and his family threw him out in the cruel world with the clothes on his back, never to return. he would eventually turn to drugs to ease the torment and pain.

      With no one to turn to he would sleep on street corners, in shelters and park benches, eventually a gang who hung around Dyker Park named the Misfits who were just like him, they would recruit him as a gang member,

      He saw that people started to respect him, he finally had friends, brothers, his "New Family" he began to go to parties where his "friends" would all be drinking and doing drugs, at first he was hesitant, he didn't like the idea of losing yourself, steeping out of your body so to speak, in order for him to "Fit" in he really didn't have a choice.

      It would start off innocently with some drinking and weed, as the months went on he got into recreational cocaine use, he got several nose bleeds, that didn't stop him, he wanted more, he wanted something that would make him forget everything, nothing was good enough, he wanted the ultimate high, he discovered heroin.,

      He loved the way it made him feel, it was comforting, a warm blanket, it shut him away from reality, pain didn't exist, to support his habit he would commit small armed robberies with his buddies, he was so smooth and charming, even in his hazy stupor he never got caught, he would hear the police sirens and always knew the perfect place to hide.

      As the years went on most of his Misfit gang members were either gunned down for bad drugs deals or jailed for robberies and murders gone wrong, one rainy night on September 17th Billy got several bags of heroin, after he shot up the third and final bag, he started to shake violently and spit up blood, he would go to sleep and never wake up, Billy would pass away on the streets at the age of seventeen, he died as he lived ALONE!!!

      Scent Notes: Vanilla, leather, whiskey, amber, frankincense, cypress, oud, and musk.

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