The lack of reviews for this favored company made me very sad, SO here goes. Currently I own 12 Nui Cobalt perfumes & there are probably a dozen more I want to own. Cait Sidhe-a fruity fragrance blended with tonka & honey. All of which is wrapped in a subtle incense blend of myrrh & dragons blood. Really nice! Black Cat-dark with a slightly floral note. A sultry & very warm fragrance! Ginger Cat-I smell like a freshly baked ginger cookie, but not in a bad way! On me a very gourmand perfume. Bollocks-smells like warm banana bread sprinkled with toffee candy. Has a slightly spicey undertone! Codswallow-rum soaked fruit cake, a little more boozy than foody. Yum! Flummery-bowl of hot oatmeal, drizzled with honey & good Highland whiskey; topped with fresh cream! Lampblack-a fragrance released last Fall in the spirit of Samhain. This is straight up everything Falloween & witchy in a bottle! Its not one of my favorites to wear, but I love it in my tea light oil warmer. Visions of Sugar Plums-a Yule fragrance from last year; lovely, slightly minty, sugared fruit. Mourning Dove-pears soaked in mulled wine, drizzled with honey & a beautiful lingering, lightly floral bouquet. One of my favorites! Black Crowned Night Heron-another favored perfume! Balanced blend of labdanum & myrrh steeped in a pot of black tea sitting on a linen cloth with wisps of star anise peaking through! It sits beautifully on the skin & has a nice throw & longevity! Pixie-one of the newer releases & another favorite. Apples soaked in warm vanilla & slashed with honey wine. This is very popular- they are always having to restock. Feast of Oya-this is the only one that I just can't describe! Company description- a traditional Louisiana infusion to honor the Orisha of Lightning, with notes of ozone, petrichor, cardomon, green pepper, & sage; with base notes of black cherry & pipe tobacco. On me none of the fragrance notes stand out except maybe the tobacco. It is a balanced blend of all of the notes & I'm in love!!! If y'all haven't tried Nui Cobalt, PLEASE do. You won't be disappointed. Even if you're not into gourmand, they make beautiful perfumes! P.S. love the Druid Cobalt line of perfumes, too!