Ok so I have had noticeable dark circles/bags under my eyes for a good long time now, and recently I read that caffeine treatments can really help (and I already love Cattail’s other products so I thought, “why not?”) and my, goodness! It’s as good as I’ve come to expect from CA~
I love their concept of matcha and guayusa as the source of their caffeine, The peppermint and cypress were pleasant but not overbearing, the rollerball bottle was good for this purpose, and my dark circles went away after the first try! No joke! Now keep in mind that that must mean that in my case the dark circles were caused by poor blood circulation and not genetics, and if genetics or something else less quickly treatable for someone else their situation will be different. But it was awesome to see and I can’t say I see much of a difference in the puffiness but I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks which probably isn’t long enough to see a difference.