Scent notes from website:
Juicy pink grapefruit shimmies up against a bevy of California citrus fruits, sparkling champagne, and ripe strawberries. The indulgent essence of breakfast with a screen goddess.

In the bottle:
orange and grapefruit oils, the bitter ones from the rind when you slice one open.

Wet: remember the orange candy wedges that came in a bag? That. It's a sweet, sugared orange that smells completely innocent and wide eyed.

Developed: strawberries with a hint of citrus candy behind it. Smells like knowing you're smarter than they are and downplaying it to stay cute and harmless. It's sweet, pseudo innocent with just enough sass to avoid being cloying. It's a pleasant and pretty facade to keep them from knowing who the real enemy is.

This is a scent to build a happy and feminine persona with. It smells warm and sunny, sugary sweet with a bit of attitude. There's something about it that says vintage, completely. There's nothing modern to it, even though it smells nothing like a traditional perfume.

I don't get starlet. I get Stepford wife that will kill you in your damn sleep if you leave your underwear on the damn floor again.
But with a genuine smile as she does so. You were warned.

No drastic change in notes in the dry down. It just fades to a whiff of strawberry.

Sillage: personal. No more than arms length.

On me, two hours before fading.

Things the scent brings to mind:
June Cleaver goes to get her hair done.
Fifties housewife book club.
Frilly aprons and baked goods worthy of GBBO.
The movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith.