Notes: Lemon, Sugar, Cherry, Strawberry Candy, Green Apple, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla

This is typically something that I wouldn't purchase, but I was feeling a little homesick (we don't have Halloween in the country i'm living in) and was absolutely curious when people were saying that this smells exactly like a bag of treats after a night of trick or treating.

This literally smells like a candy pail. You've got your Tootsie rolls, Lemonheads, Cherry suckers, Caramel apples and maybe a hint of plastic pumpkin in the background. Chocolate and Cherry are the dominant notes on me, but candied lemon comes out nicely when it settles.

I love this, and am enjoying the well thought out and executed perfumes that this house creates. My only con is that longevity is a bummer, though sillage is nice when used in a locket.

I'm excited to wear it in the fall months, and hope to see more fun Halloween candy themed indies in the near future.