I recently discovered Andromeda's Curse on Etsy while on my constant search for rain smells, and well, ended up ordering samples of nearly everything.

The week I ran into her, someone sent me a tower card in the mail as an extra with a purchase that I had made. I kept pulling the tower card in my readings, and on my quest for the perfect earthy rain smell, I found her scent, Tower. By this time, I was waiting for something terrible to happen to me, or at least some big change.

Well, nothing bad has happened yet, but I did find my HG rain scent. Tower was everything that I was hoping for, and more. The ozone, salt water, muddy dirt and rain are the most dominant notes, though you can definitely smell the water lily and sandalwood mingling in the background.

This is Tower:

Change, Upheaval, Cataclysm.

A crumbling tower at the edge of a torrential sea being pummeled relentlessly by a thunderstorm.

Notes: Ozone, Salty Ocean Water, Rain, Freesia, Muddy Dirt, Water Lily, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

When you apply tower, you can close your eyes and literally picture the scene going down on Rider-Waite's Tower card: Waves crashing against an old crumbling castle and heavy storms. It has fantastic longevity, and I like to wear this in the evenings when i'm doing dreaded admin work or balancing the books for my own store. It has fantastic longevity, and Tower has been so well loved in my home that I keep finding it in my husband's perfume shelf.

This is hands down a unisex scent, and while maybe unintentional, a beautiful rendition of a heavy storm.

Being a tarot enthusiast, I was enthralled at how amazingly well put together her Major Arcana collection is. Each scent is extremely well thought out, and I intend on buying a couple sets as gifts for tarot friends for the upcoming holidays.

Andromeda's Curse was my first non Sucreabeille company to explore in the indie perfume world, and I look forward to reviewing/ordering the rest of her line. :)