Description: Three zombie-green fruits... green apple, honeydew, and a zing of lime all on a bed of the sweetest vanilla- so sweet, so spooky!

Notes: Sugar, Green Apple, Lime, Honeydew, Vanilla

Out of everything I ordered in a recent haul, Creepy Cutie is my absolute favorite. I'm not usually a citrus fan, so I was a little leery of the lime notes initially.

Andromeda's lime note provides an effervescent pop, and the honeydew and vanilla really round it off and make this complete. I didn't get a lot of green apple on my skin, but was beyond pleased with this one and found it oh so refreshing.

Due to ridiculous heat and dryness of Moroccan Summers, anything you wear outside amplifies by 1000, so have to be really careful in the summers. I can wear this in my locket, on my skin, and in my hair without being offensive!

I wish the longevity was a little better, but this could partially be my fault for not letting this one rest after receiving it. I'd love to see other products in this scent someday, maybe a hair conditioner or body spritz/oil.

I'll definitely be ordering a full size of this with her upcoming Summer releases, and used the remainder of the sample vial in my car diffuser, because I wanted it to smell like a creepy cutie, too. :)