Tea Ceremony is a part of Andromeda's Spring 2019 releases, and is a beautiful rendition of Matcha Green Tea, Wisteria, Tonka Bean, and Amber.

I believe this smell is supposed to embody a Geisha's tea party somewhere in Japan, and if you close your eyes while wearing it, this is exactly what you'll picture.

This is a very clean smelling scent with great longevity. I wore this to work today, and found it to be really soothing amongst the chaos of returning after a three day weekend.

Matcha and Wisteria are definitely dominant, with the Match being loud and clear. Amber and Tonka give it an added softness without taking too much away from the tea or being overwhelming, and almost smell sort of like incense in the background of a tea party.

I put this one on directly after my shower this morning, and it's now a little past lunch. It shows no signs of fading so far, and is fantastically high quality.

This is definitely a unisex scent and can be worn year round, I'll be grabbing a full size of this one with my next order.