We're trying something new! These jackets have been a year in the making. We wanted to offer something really high quality, with thick, super soft fabric that would last years. It's hard to get something like this done online and be able to assure each piece is the quality we want to offer, so we're having these made locally by our friends who've been creating custom garments for decades. The jacket itself is unbelievably soft and has two zippered front pockets, and the Suc logo on the front left breast. It's lined with a very short nap fleece, and the high collar and low bottom hem is perfect for chilly days. Selling these this way means that we won't have to stock any extras, and we can keep the price lower for you. It also means that we need you to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, as the jackets themselves will be ordered from the supplier once the presale ends. The jackets are sold separately from your other Suc orders. That gives our friends time to make them without us making you wait for your smell-goods!