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Scent notes: pear, fig, blueberry, ylang ylang.


Scent notes: grass, tangerine, neroli, jasmine, honeysuckle.


Scent notes: the spray of the ocean on your face on a cool summer morning, a ripe kumquat plucked straight off the tree, crisp cotton sheets drying on a line in a field full of daisies.


Scent notes: spring meadow, rain, summer storms.


Scent notes: Fresh, tart pineapple and red mandarin, tonka bean, and a touch of whipped cream.


Scent notes: Creamy coconutty suntan lotion, rich vanillas, and salty sea air. 

House Novel Collections

You may have heard: Sometimes here at Suc, we get inspired and write novels to go along with our fragrances! You'll find those in the links below, often the stories are too long to comfortably fit in a normal scent catalog. We've included the individual scents with notes on this page, just in case you'd rather stay here!


The full novel is found through the link above, short descriptions below…


Scent Notes: Spiced vanilla and amber meld with warm honeycomb. A midnight bloom of black jasmine dances with a whisper of dark palo santo.


Full story available through any of the links, scent notes below!

Scent notes: the ocean on a stormy morning; crisp white sails floating in the breeze, anchored to a mossy, kelp-strewn ship; pipe tobacco; bay rum; a perfect red rose and a lingering touch of vanilla. The perfect balance of refreshing, oceanic notes fading into crisp, light, slightly feminine notes.


Scent Notes: Peppermint swirls in warm vanilla milk with cardamom. Candle wax, cedar, and lush, green galbanum


Scent notes: A classic Woody, green chypre with a base of labadanum, bergamot, oakmoss and patchouli. A green accord twines with a floral topnote of Lily of the valley, and a citrus splash of red Brazilian mandarin. Atlas cedarwood and a deep, rich sandalwood complete the mellow base notes


Scent Notes: Hot red sands, exotic spices weave through petals of black jasmine, dragon’s blood and ocean spray


Scent notes: a gourmand swirl of honeyed chocolate with a smokey undertone of palo santo. Sandalwood, black musk, coumarin and a drop of camphor create a mysterious, dark undercurrent

House Collections

Here you'll find our house fragrances released in themed sets.



Well, son of a bitch.

When you're hunting for demons and need a little backup, how about a hit of something awesome? Who can resist spiced hot chocolate on a cold day in hell? 

Scent Notes: Mexican hot chocolate with warm milk and spices, a well worn flannel shirt, and liquid pools of amber


Baby can't be with you all the time, so when you're reaching for your salt, reach for this too! Stuff your cake hole with peach pie, but remember: Driver picks the music. 

Scent Notes: Cool night air and leather seats, peach pie, salt and sparkling aldehydes


Feeling a little toasted, marshmallow? When you're on a road trip, always remember to be polite. Angels have a way of reminding us of our manners, so keep in mind: Possessed or not, you're not Molotov proof!

Scent Notes: Toasted marshmallows, church incense, frankincense and myrrh, tuberose


Worn out from hunting all night? Join us for some beers in the junkyard. Nothing goes better with flannel than an oatmeal stout with good hunters. Fight back against the cold night with your collection of trucker hats.  y'Idjit. And your Colt. Sorry.

Scent Notes: Oatmeal stout, oak trees at night, the smell of a freshly fired Colt, incense from church, your favorite flannel shirt



Pomegranate Tree

Scent notes: Ruby red pomegranate seeds over vanilla ice cream

Açai tree

Scent Notes: Fresh acai berries covered in rich, dark chocolate. Fresh, cold rice milk and crisp white musk

Mango tree

Scent notes: Mangoes with fresh green galbanum and bright pink peppercorns. A whisper of cardamom and sea salt, served under black linen canopies. 

Lime tree

Scent Notes: Fizzing fresh green limes, wild labadanum and tonka with champagne bubbles

Coconut palm

Scent Notes: Creamy coconut, swirls of black musk and vanilla, fresh green petitgrain, island beach grasses, and a hint of ocean breeze 

Passion fruit vine

Scent Notes: Passionfruit, bright green tomato leaf, frangipani blooms and a pinch of heliotrope flower

Apricot tree

Scent notes: Fresh, tangy apricots, fizzing bubbles, a dash of herbal sage

Pear tree

Scent Notes: Hot, crisp pear tart drizzled with caramel. Drowned in heavy cream spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla. 

Fig tree

Scent Notes: Warm late summer figs offered on a platter with warm honeycomb, almonds, coumarin, and sips of red wine. Healthy. This is healthy. 


Socks and Crocs

Bro, listen up: don’t spend your money on sneakers. No, seriously, listen, the best footwear is socks and Crocs. It’s dope. Your feet stay warm, but not too warm because the holes in the shoes allow for air circulation, and that’s important for your feet, bro. You’ve gotta be comfortable, but also, stylish, and Crocs with socks allows you to show off your vast collection of sweet socks, like the ones that say “Beer” down the side, or the bright yellow ones that are knee-high, nearly fluorescent and blind everyone around you. Sweet. Don’t knock the socks and Crocs until you’ve tried it, dude, and you totes have to try it.

Scent Notes: a juicy blend of figs and blackcurrants, grounded in cedarwood and bergamot, with a sparkling dash of pink peppercorn

Fist Bump

Scent Notes: Vanilla bourbon, oudh wood, sandalwood

Shark Punch

Scent notes: Driftwood, sea spray, beach grass, vetiver, lemongrass, clary sage

Man Grunt

Scent Notes: Golden amber, black patchouli, citrus, warm woods

Dad Bod

Scent Notes: A swirl of spices (wormwood, ginger, and aniseed) play with a bright top note of red mandarin. Resins and a touch of animalistic musk create a lingering base note


Most of our Halloween fragrances are seasonal. These two... Well, these two refused to leave

Dead Ringer

John was thrilled to be getting married to Elizabeth. True, they had only known each other for a short time, less than a month, after he had moved to the country to hopefully avoid the cholera epidemic that had been breaking out so suddenly and violently in the city. Click to continue reading...

Scent Notes: Powdery violets, myrrh smoke drifting through a crumbling cathedral, red musk, candle wax, black roses


Working a minimum wage job after graduating with a master’s degree is demoralizing on its own. But working at the same minimum wage job, at a coffee shop, on-campus at the very place you got said degree? Humiliating. At least it was for her,Click to continue reading...

Scent notes: A funereal wreath of white lilies and black orchids sprinkled with a dusting of graveyard dirt. A somber wake feast of dark chocolate drenched raspberries and a shot of dark rum


Full descriptions in links!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Scent notes: the musk of a real black bear that you fought with your own bare hands; fresh peach blossom (which is not as great as an Awesome Blossom, but does smell much better); honeycomb stolen straight from the mouths of the bumblebees (your apiarist owed you a favor); bubbles on a fresh glass of sparkling water, which ping about the glass like the laser guns wielded on the Battlestar Galactica. Glorious.

Number One, How Dare You

Scent notes: a proper English garden full of roses and sweet pea on a warm summer afternoon, because you are a lady; sweet vanilla bean because dessert is the best meal of the day; a secret blend of exotic spices because you’re the spiciest person in the office; supple leather because you wear it as part of your girl group, Subtle Sexuality; a hint of gasoline because everyone knows you’re a little bit crazy and would absolutely go full-on Waiting to Exhale if need be.

Why Use Many Word

Scent notes: Cinnamon. Cinnamon doughnuts. Yum.

Dwight, You Ignorant Sl**

Scent notes: a glass of homemade lemonade on a hot afternoon (because your parents gave you money to start a stand, and now, surplus!); peppermint (straight out of the best ice cream flavor); a freshly picked yuzu (it’s a Japanese fruit, did you know that?); pomegranate (who discovered this fruit, right? What is the deal with pomegranate?)

That’s What She Said

Scent notes: A glass of whisky paired with a glass of bay rum aftershave with just a hint of lime squeezed in (because alcohol is an aphrodisiac, and nothing is better than mixing liquor and accidental aftershave to really get the party started); the best Pretzel Day toppings: chocolate chips and toffee nuts. And cocoa absolut.



We made this for our love of the best show to ever be cancelled, Firefly. 

Let's Be Bad Guys

Scent notes: tobacco/vanilla, gunsmoke, leather, sandalwood


Scent notes: juniper sage, orange blossom, white tea & ginger, cherry blossom, ylang ylang, nag champa


Scent notes: golden honey, rich leather

Big Damn Heroes

Scent notes: Rain, Salt Spray, Green Fig, Warm Meadow Sun

We Aim To Misbehave

Scent notes: Rosemary, Vanilla, Amber, Honey



Scent notes: so much blueberry (like Violet Beauregard levels of blueberry), freshly squeezed lemon, fancy Tahitian vanilla, a little bear jar of honey. Dave requested Snozberry, but that’s not a thing. Basically it smells like a blue Slurpee, but a really expensive, delicious blue Slurpee you’d have to pay a lot of money for (no more stealing!).


Scent notes: tuberose, white magnolia blossom, crisply folded cotton sheets, Egyptian musk, a freshly poured Hefeweizen beer in a frosty cold mug.


Scent notes: sweet salted caramel, almond, a freshly opened jar of pure Canadian maple butter, coconut milk.

Dead or Alive

Scent notes: juicy, plump strawberries, sweet hazelnut toffee, a fresh grass stain on the knee of your favorite pair of jeans, animalistic musk, the kind an animal gives off when it’s being threatened by someone wanting to throw down fisticuffs.


Scent notes: a spiky, juicy pineapple, a sprig of cilantro, freshly squeezed lime juice, passionfruit, mango. Think of the fanciest frozen daiquiri at your local hipster bar; that’s exactly what this blend smells like.


Scent Notes: A seaside quay on a windy day. Kelp, moss, and a hint of lime mingle with tobacco bay leaves. The metal of old boats and a hint of gunpowder linger on the salty breeze.


Scent notes: A very-not mainstream blend of peonies and chai. Ginger, honey, and white musk make something delicious and... You probably haven't heard of them.


Scent Notes: A tart lemon meringue with a touch of vanilla. And gunpower. Because of course.



Scent Notes: Gooseberry and lilacs, and a touch of honey


Scent notes: Blackcurrant jam with undertones of black tea and rosewood


Scent notes: Blueberry spice cake made with cardamom and a touch of coumarin, drizzled with brown sugar glaze


Scent notes: A bottle of old honeyed elderberry wine found in the cool corner of the cellar, with a whisper of the powdery soil from the earthen walls


Scent Notes: Wild huckleberries picked from a cedar forest in a misty, wet morning. Oakmoss, rain and cloudy skies

Juniper Berry

Scent notes: Fizzy gin cocktail with ginger ale, tonka, and tobacco flower


Scent notes: Raspberries in heavy cream with a dash of vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom


Scent notes: A dozen freshly-dipped dark chocolate coated strawberries on a golden platter, a crystal champagne flute filled with Dom Perignon resting beside them.


This collection was inspired by our love of all things witchy, in this case, poisons! Quick shopping links and scent notes below, full descriptions all in one place above!


Scent notes: a bouquet of fresh-blooming frangipani, gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle, redolent indole, Egyptian musk.


Scent notes: Oud wood, smoked patchouli, coal, freshly paved tar, cedarwood.


Scent notes: A freshly picked red rose, old leather, white musk.


Scent notes: antique lace, gasoline, old books, fresh vanilla bean.


Scent notes: anise, freshly ground cloves, dalmatian sage, frankincense.


Scent notes: a big glass of whiskey, sandalwood, amber, real ylang ylang.


We here at Suc love two things: True crime and podcasts. The excellent folks at the award winning Bloody Murder have kindly allowed us to license their awesome artwork and provide fans with fun themed sets!

Lady Swears

Scent Notes: Bourbon, Tahitian Vanilla, Lemon

Vodka and Swearing

Scent Notes: Sedona, Juniper Sage, lemongrass, Mojito

Captain Moonlite

Scent Notes: Bourbon, Mahogany, Teak, Campfire Smoke, Dragon’s Blood

Strawberry Milkshake

Scent Notes: Fresh Strawberries, Tahitian Vanilla, Warm Honey

Embalming Fluid

Scent Notes: Lilacs, Frankincense and Myrrh, Graveyard dirt


This was the very first true crime podcast Andrea started listening to. It's one of the best, and is often playing in the lab. Full descriptions above, quick notes below:

Stay Sexy

Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, rich honey, fresh grapefruit

Here’s the thing: Fuck Everyone

Scent notes: Bourbon, Rich chocolate, Dark amber, touch of dirt

You’re in a Cult, Call your Dad

Scent notes: Flannel, Sedona trees, Bergamot tea, snickerdoodle cookies

Ancient Teas


Scent notes: many strong cups of black tea, burnt sugar, a library of old books, leather.


Scent notes: deceptively delicious bergamot black tea, fresh milk, honey straight from the hive, oat milk, freshly grated ginger and nutmeg.


Scent notes: grassy green tea, vibrant purple orchids, blooming cherry blossoms, rice milk.


Scent notes: fragrant white tea, grated ginger, saffron, a field of lavender swaying in a cool breeze, carrot seed oil, damp pine needles.


Scent notes: blooming gardenia, lychees, red tea, fragrant jasmine, rosehip.

Woodland Collection

Trash Panda

Scent Notes: A masculine blend of cherry tobacco, atlas cedarwood, forest accord and rosewood, blended with a fresh, rich spiced mango.

Codename: Garbage Dog

Samoa cookies: Chocolate, caramel and coconut; drying down to the rich loam of a mossy cedar forest floor.

Danger Noodle

Scent notes: Tonka, cognac essential oil, copal resin

Sky Puppy

Scent notes: sandalwood, vanilla, spices

House Fragrances

These are individual or pairs of scents released to stand alone. We've ordered them here by most recent release first

Thank You For Being A Friend

Traveled down the road and back again / your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante! If you’re eternally obsessed with the hottest ladies to ever live in Miami, you’re in luck, because this scent is all about them. Picture it: evenings on the lanai; eating cheesecake whenever you or one of your roommates is upset; cracking the most devastating one-liners and still staying friends even through all of life’s ups and downs. Friendship in the Internet age certainly looks a little different, but we know you still want to thank your friends for being there through it all (and showing up with the biggest gifts when we’re allowed to have parties again). Thank you for being a friend.

Scent Notes: Key lime cheesecake with graham cracker crust

Cute Rage

You know that feeling when you see something so cute it makes you physically angry? You wanna smash it and hug it and tell it how perfect it is but you want to destroy it because it’s just TOO CUTE and SHOULD NOT EXIST?! Like when you see videos of animals who should hate each other playing together? Or when your pet is asleep and its little paws are twitching and it’s so cute you wanna go yell in their face about how sweet they are? That’s Cute Rage. It’s also when something cute, like a tiny baby animal, has an inexplicable burst of rage but they’re too little for it to be taken as anything but adorable, even though if they were grown up, it’d be terrifying. Like watching a puppy try to growl threateningly, but instead it just chirps and your heart bursts with the pure sweetness. Or when you get so angry you can’t do anything but laugh and smile, even though your insides are lava and you want to smash everyone into tiny little pieces. Cute Rage. It’ll get you every time. 

Scent notes: Red apples, orange apricots, yellow butterscotch and champagne, green spearmint, blue heliotrope, purple lilacs and violets, mixed with a shitton of rainbows. 

The Beach Is Gonna Get Whatever Body I Give It

How does one acquire a “beach body”? Or a “bikini body”? Simple: take your body and put it on a beach, or in a swimsuit, or in a swimsuit on a beach. Done! Problem solved. But seriously, the beach is gonna get whatever body you give it because it has no choice in the matter! Suck it, beach; here comes the cellulite and the hairy legs. Here come the jiggly arms; the toned abs; the spider veins; the Michelle Obama totally ripped arms; the round tummies; the dry skin; the tattoos; the flat butts; the curvaceous hips; the bountiful thighs; body parts and types of every imaginable shape and size. And guess what? The beach will be fine! Everyone on the beach is too worried about their own bodies to even look at yours with anything but awe for your choice in swimwear. So, if you’re feeling stressed about having to look a certain, unattainable way in order to wear a swimsuit or show some skin at the beach, remind yourself: The Beach is Gonna Get Whatever Body I Give It. Dammit.

Scent notes: An unapologetically feminine tropical floral. Monoi tiare, pilate, frangipani, juicy lychees, and dune grass against a welcoming, salty ocean shore


There are two types of people in this world: those who dream spectacularly big, and those who crush those dreams with fervor. Our owner and scent maven, Andrea, dreams big. Huge. Far, far too big at times. And sometimes, those dreams need to be crushed, and that’s where our lovely Lab Lady, Shannon, comes in. She’s the Dreamcrusher. She’s the one who tells Andrea, “No, we do not have time to create edible body glitter that doubles as a body glide and have it out by tomorrow, in six different scents/flavors; I have stuff to do!” It might sound harsh, but someone has to do it! Not all ideas are good ideas, and that’s where the dreamcrusher comes in. They don’t crush the good ideas, but they come down with a mighty fury on anything they know to be impossible or unfeasible. They’re the crushing, destructive, beautiful unicorns who keep us all in line when we try to dream too big. Dreamcrushers keep us grounded. Dreamcrushers keep us focused. We all need a beautiful, majestic Dreamcrusher in our lives. Maybe you’re the Dreamcrusher in your group. No matter what, we salute all of you wonderful people for crushing dreams in the classiest of ways.

Scent notes: Sweet peach tea that's been left to steep a little too long with that edge of bitterness, like crushed dreams

Guy Love

You ask me ‘bout this thing we share, and he tenderly replies: It’s Guy Love, between two guys. Well, in this case, our guy love is between a guy and anyone who loves him, no matter how they identify. Parenting is hard, often unacknowledged work, and no parents are perfect. Fathers are often seen as the heads of house; the ones who earn a living, drink too much beer in a favorite armchair and snore over the television, and at the same time are stern taskmasters, yet they love you and care for you dearly. But fatherly, paternal love doesn’t have to come from a biological father. That high school music teacher who saved your life when your home life was in turmoil; your favorite cousin; your old boss who fought for you to be promoted; the uncle who showed up to every birthday party, concert, and graduation ceremony to tell you how proud he was of you; your brother who you nearly killed when he taught you how to drive (that squirrel came out of NOWHERE and you maintain that to this day); your best friend who’s now a parent and sends you silly videos of their kids farting and laughing in the bathtub: that’s Guy Love, that’s all it is, the feeling of some other guy, holding up your heart into the sky.

Scent Notes: pears, cucumber, hay accord, ginger lily, cardamom, suede

Sea Hag

You throw a rock into the sea, and let out a harrowing scream. A couple walking down the beach towards you does an obvious, abrupt stop. The woman almost falls on her face, slipping on some unseen seaweed. They make a hasty turnaround and nearly sprint back the way they came. You don't even notice. You’ve spent most of the day here, throwing rocks. Screaming. Your hair in massive tangles, makeup smeared and running down your face. You’re done. It’s all too much. You're tired of the expectations placed on women and what advertising and makeup companies tell you about how you should be, and look. 

So you throw in another rock and make a silent vow to yourself: I will not care what others think of my appearance, how I live, nor how things are sold to  me.

The sea calls to you, so you wade out, cautiously at first. Soon enough you're up to your neck, and you dive below the surface and start swimming as far as you can. click here to continue reading...

Scent Notes: Cool rain on the fierce ocean. Petrichor, sour limes and sweet oranges

Not today, Satan!

Scent Notes: unapologetic candied grapefruit, crisp cold rice milk, beeswax, rich tonka, and osmanthus


Scent notes: Ruby pomegranate seeds, sticky, thick dragon's blood, swirls of red musk and rosewood

Imperial Queen

Scent Notes: Creamy honey nectar, pink peonies, real ylang ylang, and peach blossoms

Black Honey

Scent Notes: A blend of rich honeys, sticky, thick dragon's blood resin, beeswax, rosewood, a touch of patchouli, and vanilla absolute

Strange Days

We are living in the weirdest timeline: a global pandemic, we’re all globally connected yet socially distanced. It’s a rare moment in history, one none of us will soon forget, and we decided to mark it with this scent, Strange Days. We’re all waiting to see what happens, expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Good will prevail, right? While nobody knows what the future holds, at least we can find some comfort in the fact that we’re all in this together. The uncertainty will end, but for now, we’ll just each take it a day at a time, a moment at a time, until we make it through. That’s all any of us can do at this moment. And while that may not help your anxiety levels (and we feel you on that), maybe Strange Days can be a helpful reminder that you can do hard things. Because you can, and we’re here, cheering you on while you do them.

Scent Notes: White angelica, clary sage, wormwood and myrrh for protection from plague long ago, copal resin and monoi tiare, red mandarin, pink peppercorn, and grapefruit, ginger ale, sparkling aldehyde, and mimosa absolute. None of these things should go together, but they do, just like these strange days

Wayward Soul Sister

Life is weird right now. We’re all socially isolated while remaining globally connected, for better or for worse. We have all the terrible and wonderful pieces of the world at our fingertips 24 hours a day. But here at Sucreabeille, we are most grateful for our ever-expanding Facebook group full of sisters (and brothers and siblings) who feel like family, even if we’ve never gotten a chance to meet IRL. It's our own little community of kindred spirits gone awry, of people who basically should be family, or are family in everything but name or blood relation. Anyone who has ever met their soul twin, especially if it's someone you only know via the internet, knows what we are talking about. We love you all. And we are grateful for you and your sense of community now more than ever.

Scent Notes: Blood red cherries covered in dark chocolate, exotic spices, a dash of patchouli

Shut up and Take all my Money!

Scent notes: A fist full of cash, the last glass of champagne, green tea, peppermint (like a mint? Get it?), coumarin and sassafras

Broke Ass Bitch

Scent Notes: Sparkling candied citrus peel, vanilla from the expensive hippie shop, Egyptian Musk, cuticle cream 'cause you're getting a manicure anyway, dammit

100% That Bitch 

Scent Notes: A sweet, flora blend of peony, freesia and apricot, with an uplifting note of bright pink cotton candy, the most expensive face cream you've ever seen, and a whiff of cold, hard cash

Goth. As. Fuck.

Scent Notes: A totally unapologetic haunted cathedral. Rich, dark resins, thick incense, beeswax candles, frankincense and myrrh. Cool stone floors and cloves, red musk and sassafras. Clary sage and wormwood. Guiac wood and patchouli, and a whisper of black jasmine.

Impending Doom

Scent notes: Red Mandarin and rich honey create a sweet first impression, luring you into smoke, patchouli, gunpowder and... Is that gasoline? Clearly, an evil plan is afoot!

Sweatpants Goblin

Scent Notes: Rich, buttery goodness with crystallized honeycomb and the coziest pair of sweatpants ever.

I Come from a Long Line of Terrifying Women

Andrea, creator of our fine perfumes, finds herself saying this (or an approximation of it) on a near-daily basis, as an explanation for why she’s such a badass. And you know what? It’s also a true statement, in the best way possible! Every woman working for Sucreabeille and DIVONA can proclaim this to be the case, and we’re betting that you can, too. Because terrifying women are the ones who take charge; who don’t back down from their goals and don’t let anyone stand in their way; who have never let a mediocre man tell them what they can or cannot do. They go after every single thing they want while wearing fabulous shoes, or a fancy hat, or just pajamas. Clothes make the man, but women can wear whatever they want. So go on, keep the line of scary women going strong. We are the next generation of terrifying women, inspiring generations of future terrifying women while being inspired by all those who came, and ruled, before us. And that warms our cold, cold hearts.

Scent notes: A swirl of rosewood, whiskey, and amber, with a sprinkle of gunpowder, a drop of guiac wood, and tobacco absolute.

Toxic Masculinity Ruins the Party Again

Scent notes: A delightfully feminine blend of lavender, vanilla, honey nectar, and a light floral aldehyde.


Scent Notes: A sultry blend of Amber, real Ylang Ylang essential oil, pure vanilla, and golden honey.


Scent Notes: Fluffy pillows of marshmallows billow on a dish of salted caramels dusted with nutmeg and toasted sugar drizzles

The Librarian

Scent notes: A library full of all the books in the world. The Librarian takes notes and catalogues while sipping a large mug of hot buttered rum laced with espresso. A whisper of patchouli follows her through the stacks.


Scent notes: your mother’s expensive cold cream that she dutifully applied every night and now you do, too, mixed with fragrant, sumptuous black cherries.


Scent Notes: Watermelon Blow-Pops, baby powder, fistfulls of sticky white cake, last night's champagne and coconut cream.

Rainbow Bridge

This scent was originally a custom blend for a lovely customer who wanted to celebrate the life of a beloved pet, and we were happy to oblige. They gave us the go-ahead to release it to the world, and we did so happily, wagging our imaginary tails.

The Rainbow Bridge is the walkway that connects us with dearly departed pets after they leave this world. Our good puppers, perfect kittens, fluffy bunnies, and whatever other purrfect baby you love wait for us until it’s our turn to join them beyond the veil, and they can walk across the bridge with us to the afterworld together, because they would never leave us behind. Omg, no, I’m not crying at all; YOU’RE crying! Okay, we’re sobbing. It’s fine. The ones who love us never really leave us; they’re just waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Scent Notes: A patter of paws running through a field of daisies, lavender, and sweet peas. Marshmallow clouds pass overhead. Sunflowers, warm fur, and white musk.

Beekeeper's Daughter

You were born to do this. You've been taught to handle bees from a young age by your father, as he learned from his father. Taught to give them care, and take the proper tithe of honey every year. You can feel the drone of the hive down to your bones as you kneel, face in netting, and carefully open the hive. Rich, sticky honey pools inside, and you catch a glimpse of her, your queen. 

The smells of crushed herbs hangs over you from your garden, as clouds of bees swarm over and around you, not stinging, but curious. The day is hot, the sun warming the hive and the bees are covered in pollen. 

It's perfect. 

Scent notes: pure honeycomb, freshly harvested from the hive; a blooming herb garden full of clary sage, fennel, and thyme; peach blossoms and a touch of medicinal camphor.


You know what a sunshower is: when it’s beautiful outside, and all of a sudden it starts raining? Usually it doesn’t last very long, and the sun doesn’t stop shining the whole time, and it’s a magical experience that makes you wonder: how does this happen? Well we have an answer for you: the Devil is beating his wife! Wait, no, sorry, a wolf is getting married! No, that’s a jackal; the jackal is getting married and the wolf is eating chickens! Or maybe it’s not a jackal, but a deer? Maybe a baby is being born? Okay, there’s a lot of myths behind the sunshower, and while we don’t know what mythological experience is the exact cause behind it (because screw science, we like myths!), we can all learn to appreciate the moments of sun and rain, even when they occur together.

Scent notes: Bright pink peppercorns poured into a new pepper mill, an open, grassy field full of delicate purple heliotrope flowers just before a rainstorm, little bubbles popping in a glass of expensive champagne, freshly-torn basil, a juicy tangerine, tonka bean.

Combustible Lemons

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Instead, take your rage out inappropriately on your coworkers/employees and demand impractical, impossible things of them. Make them invent combustible lemons that’ll burn life’s house down, since you can’t speak to life’s manager. Who the hell gave life the right to send all these lemons to you anyway? Doesn’t life know citrus is only good in perfumes and cocktails? What the actual fuck, life? Lemonade is for children; sweet, sweet vengeance is for adults. When life gives you lemons, say fuck the lemons and bail by blowing a hole in the wall and leaving. Now you’re thinking with portal.

Scent notes: goddamn lemons, lemonade made from life’s stupid lemons, high octane gasoline, scraps of paper from a totally sane scientist’s notebook, that same scientist’s manly musk acquired from too many days in the lab, spicy ginger and black pepper.


Scent notes: juicy orange blossom, white musk, sugary marshmallow, freshly-picked kumquat, a field of lavender, and a dash of bubbly, sweet champagne.


Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, cedarwood, old magazine, lemon balm, juicy juniper berry, fresh rosemary, sweet basil, balsam, bergamot.

Cream Tea

Scent notes: Hot milky chai tea, fresh scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey

Mouthy Broad

Scent notes: a cloud of cigar smoke, freshly picked roses, a full glass of whiskey

Cunning Minx

Scent notes: Black sheets in a mess in the late afternoon sun. A cup of steaming tea from Tibet with milk and a dash of wormwood, you minx. Pink peppercorn and Egyptian musk because you’re classic like that.


Scent notes: Freshly cut jasmine, Egyptian geranium, oud, a lavender field, eucalyptus, a musky attic.


Scent notes: Rich Dark Chocolate, Warm Honey, Dark Amber

Sea Glass

Scent notes: Juicy mango, ripe yuzu, whipped coconut cream, sea moss, pure honey from the comb, Tahitian vanilla, salty spray.

Death Unicorn

Scent notes: fresh cut lavender, black anise, sweet vanilla bean, black pepper crushed under a unicorn’s horn.

Papa’s Waffles

Picture it: Saturday morning, your childhood. Your dad and his impressive beard have gotten up early even though he was up late with friends, drinking and partying. He’s acquiesced to your demands for waffles, which he lovingly makes from scratch in the kitchen while drinking a strong pot of coffee. The whole house smells of baked goodness, coffee, maple, and butter. Bliss. That’s exactly what Papa’s Waffles smells like. It’s a delectable, nostalgic scent that’ll immediately transport you back to those happy, scrumptious times. Get it for your dad to thank him for putting up with your 6 AM waffle requests, or get it for yourself to relive those memories now. Or get it because your father didn’t do those things for you and you’re bitter but want to smell delicious anyway. 

Scent Notes: Fresh waffles, hot maple syrup, cozy flannel shirt, a whiff of bourbon