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Subscription Services

Our monthly subscription bag is something we're really proud of! We partner with a variety of excellent, women-owned businesses to bring you things we think you'll love. Each bag will always contain a full sized bottle of an unreleased Sucreabeille perfume. We're also using the bag to give you early releases of our new products before they're available to everyone else! We've also made it a point that everything in the bag will work for all skin tones and hair types. We're charging $30, including shipping. The retail cost of the things in the bag will always be $55 or over. The cutoff date for each month's bag is the 15th of that month. You should get your goodies by the end of the month, barring unforeseen calamities. If you subscribe after the 15th of the month, that's OK! You'll get your first bag at the end of the following month. You can always cancel before the 15th of the month.
We love you.