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1ml sample perfume sets from The Strange South

1ml sample perfume sets from The Strange South

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We're so excited to partner with The Strange South, a gorgeous perfumery that recently expanded to include bath and body products. This is a set of 5 1ml sample vials for you to enjoy.

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BEFORE THE DROP:  Peppermint, green tea, marshmallow, heather, violet, and evening rain.

CONCRETE ANGEL: Cypress, magnolia, water lily, potted fern, tulip, warm red dirt, and damp headstones.
DEAD MEN ONLY PLAY THE BLUES: Menthol cigarettes, sassafras, brown sugar and coconut husk, tuberose and honeysuckle, vanilla, teak wood, and sandalwood.
FIRE IN A BOTTLE: Lemon balm, amber, vanilla, and distant campfire smoke.
THORNBACK: Black locust, white tea, guaiacwood, and amber.