5ml oil rollerball Witchberry from Damask Haus

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      We are excited to welcome Damask Haus to our Indie Market. Bri has been a long-time Sucreabeille supporter, and we could not be happier to share her creations. As always, we do recommend visiting the website directly for more scents, sizes, and experiences.

      Witchberry was our guest star in the October subscription bag.

      Witchberry - In a forgotten wood, at the edge of a haunted town grows a single tree. This ageless tree is tall and twisty with weathered bark, reaching to the night sky with silvered branches. A wind whipping through the leaves bringing with it a whisper of spices. Gleaming at the crown of the tree, where the moonlight caresses the leaves, you spot a handful of deep red berries - the magic of an October night harvest in sweet, spicy, resinous delicious form. This is an intoxicating scent elixir best enjoyed in the evening, by candlelight. Tablecloth optional. Notes: harvested mixed red berries, rich amber, benzoin, teakwood, cardamom, gurjun balsam

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