Set of 5 1ml sample sets from Forelsket perfumery

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Forelsket is a lovely perfumery run by our friend Paige. From her website: 

Forelsket is the Norwegian word describing how you feel when you first begin to fall in love. It’s the euphoria of the promise of all the wonderful things to come.

I've just gotten started crafting these handmade scents and I am so very proud to share them with you!
The norse theme has roots in my Norwegian heritage. I have recently been pulled to learn more about about the history of Norway and this region, and couldn't imagine a better shop theme.

There are two sample packs available:

5 Scent Sample Pack (7/10/20 Release)
5 1ml Samples -
Snotra -Sweet cherry and sandalwood swirled in creamIdun - Iced green tea, heliotrope, fresh raspberries, cucumber slices, apple slices, with a splash of whiskeyFrigg - Rose petals steeped in gin, amber, oud, and tart lemon candiesSkadi - New leather, salt from the tears of an enemy, spice, and a touch of honeySommer - Dry grass, super sweet corn, a juicy peach, hyacinth, and the well-worn wood of a picnic table

5 Scent Sample Pack (9/10/20 Release) 5 1ml Samples - Grapefrukt - Fresh grapefruit, sugar, and whipped creamKokosnØtt - Spicy pink pepper, coconut and amberBlomsterjordær - Sweet strawberries on the vine, intertwined with violetsValmueblomst - Delicate poppy, vanilla and white muskFerie - Tropical lilac, coconut husk and white musk

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