All Natural Face Serums from Agape Body and Soul

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We made friends with Alisa when she used some of our fragrances in her incredible products. Her soaps, body butters, and serums are all available on her Etsy store.

Each of these serums comes in a 1oz dropper bottle.

SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULATION: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender oils

MATURE SKIN FORMULATION: Rose hip seed, Moringa, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary oils

From her website:

I care about what I put in and, on my body and I use everything that is available at my store every day in my own home. Having worked in the healthcare and public health arenas for 35 years, a significant amount of research goes into each product I make and sell. My primary sources are listed below. For most ingredients there exists enough peer-reviewed research to confirm safety and efficacy. From there I dive into the available scientific research to better understand the unique chemical properties of each compound.

Essential oils:
Have properties and contain micronutrients needed by the skin, hair and scalp, especially those that may be lacking in our diets, are depleted by our personal care routines (such as stripping of natural oil during bathing/shampooing) or have demonstrated in clinical studies the ability to heal and prevent skin and scalp disorders and/or enhance hair growth and strength.

Medicinal Herbs:
In the form of dried powders or leaves these ingredients are mixed with the carrier oil and allowed to slowly infuse into the oil over a 2-week time frame with a gentle heating method until the oil takes on the color, odor and medicinal properties of the herbs. This is like the process used to create garlic or rosemary oils for culinary purposes.

Carrier oils:
Essential oils must be diluted to be safely applied directly to the skin. Carrier oils provide a liquid medium for dried medicinal herbs to penetrate. The selected carrier oils serve these purposes as well as provide their own unique nutrients. Moreover, the carrier oils function as a vehicle to “carry” important nutrients into the skin, scalp and hair. Each carrier is selected based on molecular size (indicator of ability to penetrate hair shaft), stability and other key qualities.

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