Awkward Bandits Collection Box

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

This product is no longer available, but you can view our fresh house fragrances to find something you'll love.

  • Scent Notes
    Bounty Scent Notes: So much blueberry (like Violet Beauregard levels of blueberry), freshly squeezed lemon, fancy vanilla, a little bear jar of honey. Squeaky requested Snozberry, but that’s not a thing. Basically it smells like a blue Slurpee, but a really expensive, delicious blue Slurpee you’d have to pay a lot of money for (no more stealing!). Dead or Alive Scent Notes: Juicy, plump strawberries, sweet hazelnut toffee, a fresh grass stain on the knee of your favorite pair of jeans, animalistic musk, the kind an animal gives off when it’s being threatened by someone wanting to throw down fisticuffs. Fugitive Scent Notes: Oakmoss, African musk, bergamot and yuzu, grapefruit, and white florals. Gambler Scent Notes: Honeyed vanilla, guiac and rose woods, patchouli. Gunslinger Scent Notes: A tart lemon meringue with a touch of vanilla. And gunpower. Because of course. Infamy Scent Notes: Tuberose, white magnolia blossom, crisply folded cotton sheets, Egyptian musk, a freshly poured Hefeweizen beer in a frosty cold mug. Larceny Scent Notes: Sweet salted caramel, almond, a freshly opened jar of pure Canadian maple butter, coconut milk. Maverick Scent Notes: Spiced incense in the hot desert, a drop of ylang ylang. Mutiny Scent Notes: A seaside quay on a windy day. Kelp, moss, and a hint of lime mingle with tobacco bay leaves. The metal of old boats and a hint of gunpowder linger on the salty breeze. Outlier Scent Notes: A very-not mainstream blend of peonies and chai. Ginger, honey, and white musk make something delicious and... You probably haven't heard of them. Wanted Scent Notes: A spiky, juicy pineapple, a sprig of cilantro, freshly squeezed lime juice, passionfruit, mango. Think of the fanciest frozen daiquiri at your local hipster bar; that’s exactly what this blend smells like.
  • Description
      We've rounded up all of our Awkward Bandits into a fantastic collection box that we think you'd commit a petty crime or two to get your hands on! (Or not, seriously, no criminal activity necessary to purchase!) In this collection there is a 1/2 oz bottle of our Hair and Body Oil scented with Larceny, 10ml oil rollerballs of Gunslinger, Outlier, and Wanted, a 1oz Summer Glaze Lotion scented with Mutiny, 1oz Buttercream Lotion scented with Fugitive, 1oz Espresso Buttercream scented with Bounty, and a cute tin filled with oil drams of Dead or Alive, Gambler, Infamy, and Maverick.

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