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      Camria Beauty is a Black owned Canadian bath and beauty brand. Amiyra Paquette launched Camria Beauty in June of 2020 with the intent to create products that other will feel comfortable putting on their body, that will nourish and promote healthy glowing skin without an expensive price tag. Fun fact : Camria Beauty's name was created by combining her two daughter's names Camilla & Arianna. Nothing better then building a brand named after your beautiful children! 

      Say goodbye to dry winter lips with our edible lip scrubs! Each flavour has an incredible smell and taste made with all natural ingredients (hence why it can be edible)

      These lip scrubs will exfoliate chapped lips and remove dead skin leaving your lips feeling soft, smooth and ready for lip balm, lip gloss or lip stick.

      Warning = Do not eat the lip scrub from the container, you may get a tummy ache. Just lick it from your lips after applied and scrubbed.

      Size : 10g

      Shelf life after opened : 6 months


      Shea butter


      Extra virgin olive oil

      Fractionated coconut oil

      Sweet almond oil

      Jojoba oil

      Castor oil

      White sugar

      Brown sugar

      Vitamin e



      How to use

      Apply a small amount onto dry or wet lips and massage in a circular motion. Scrub for 20-30 secs and let product sit on lips for another 30secs (let all those good ingredients soak in). Rinse off with water or lick it away. Follow up with your favourite lip balm to keep moisture locked in. Use 3x times per week or as needed.

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