Corduroy Crush 5ml perfume oil from Alpha Musk

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Alpha Musk is a gorgeous perfumery specializing in musk based perfumes. Her shop is incredible, and very much worth a visit!

Corduroy crush- dark forest patchouli and a beautiful nag champa chypre accord warmed with cassis, sweet dry tolu and soft peru balsam

From her bio:

I’m obsessed with all nuisances of a musk and I am never set on just trying one type of any kind of musk because they are always kind of different and who knows what will be the next musk I discover that’s one note away from perfect or is just darn lovely. I’ve been obsessed with musk ever since I got my first whiff of Egyptian musk as a preteen and immediately went to my local record shop and bought up an excessive amount of oil perfumes. Being the perfume obsessed person I am I spent most my time researching scents from around the world and I’ve invested in some pretty interesting stuff over the years. I started to provide decants and blends for some local vintage shops and natural food stores and I did a few farmers markets here and there and I’ve always had good feedback and nothing makes me happier in the world than working with perfumes and taking about scents! In fact I found my first online community of fellow fragheads back in the early 2000’s on makeup alley. Years of accumulating people’s opinions and thoughts on perfumes and brands has taught me a lot.

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