Cucumber Water 25-40 hour soy candle by Freres Branchiaux

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Freres Branchiaux is a Black owned artisanal candle company based in Washington, DC created and managed by 3 brothers, Collin (14), Ryan (12), and Austin Gill (9). In October 2017, the young Gill brothers wanted more allowance to purchase video games.  Mama and Dad Gill told them that they had maxed out their toy allowance and to either “get a job or start a business” if they wanted more money.  They decided to start a business.

  • Vegan 
  • Proprietary soy wax blend
  • 8 oz burn time 25-40 hours
  • Braided Cotton Lead-free Wick
  • Reusable and recyclable clear glass amber jar with gold metal lid

Cucumber water—in a candle. 

Top: honeydew melon, bergamot, lime, grass
Middle: green leaves, cucumber, watermelon
Base: bamboo, violet, sugar

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