Dad Bod

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Once upon a time, you were that guy. You know: the one with the coolest outfits, the best hair, maybe a spray tan, and definitely the dopest bod. You could go out all night, slam Jagerbombs, get two hours of sleep, head to the gym, then kill it at your office job, even if you did occasionally oversleep and maybe got fired from one or two temp jobs. Didn’t matter; you were always THE man.

But now, you’re the dad. Your kid throws up more than you did after too many of the aforementioned ‘bombs, and let’s not even get into diaper talk. No time for the gym most days, and you can see that your six-pack is now a keg. No spray tan can hide the fact that you’ve changed, and so has your body. You now have, officially, a Dad Bod. Your stomach sticks out, but your arms are still ripped. Your legs aren’t as cut as they used to be, and your bald patch has grown, but check out the chest and back hair you’ve grown. You’re like a walking, talking, barrel-chested grizzly bear. You’ve cultivated mass! Sure, you had to buy a whole new wardrobe, but that’s partially because of baby stains anyway. And being a hot dad is sexy in its own way, right? Women love watching you play with your kid at the park AND they respect how fast you can eat a large pizza by yourself. That’s right, ladies: enjoy the eye candy. Can we bring back crop tops for men so you can proudly display that gut along with those guns you’ve kept in tact? Yeah? Let’s do it. Flaunt that Dad Bod with pride.

Scent Notes: A swirl of spices (wormwood, ginger, and aniseed) play with a bright top note of red mandarin. Resins and a touch of animalistic musk create a lingering base note

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