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Dusting Powder
Dusting Powder
Dusting Powder

Dusting Powder

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You know those days when you want to feel like an old movie star? You dress extravagantly even though you’re just going in to the office and then to the grocery store; you put on your favorite red lipstick and your highest heels and your grandmother’s old costume jewelry because, goddammit, you are fancy and an adult and you can! Before you get all decked out, make sure to cover yourself in our Dusting Powder. It’s talc-free and perfect for every inch of your body; it even works as dry shampoo! Also great for preventing chafing in your curvier areas. It’s basically a miracle product that you’ll want to use every day. Even if you don’t have the time to get all dressed up, you’ll feel like you are sauntering around your mansion in couture when you’re actually running late to brunch in your whiskey-stained sweatpants. (Been there.)

We've got three scents available:


Listen, this dusting powder can do everything: prevent chafing and sweating, sop up oil in your hair like a dry shampoo, and you can even use it in your shoes to keep foot stink at bay. Plus, our Belladonna scent is simple and sexy: a freshly picked red rose, old leather, and white musk. The perfect scent to dust all over your body.

Dr. Fantastic's Love Dust 

Scent notes: a bottle of real vanilla that you only use in the baked goods you make to impress your friends, dusky white musk, a freshly picked and squeezed yuzu.


Combustible Lemons

Scent notes: goddamn lemons, lemonade made from life’s stupid lemons, high octane gasoline, scraps of paper from a totally sane scientist’s notebook, that same scientist’s manly musk acquired from too many days in the lab, spicy ginger and black pepper.


Ingredients: Tapioca powder, arrowroot powder, corn starch, fragrance