Fall Pie Collection Box

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We wanted this collection to be a reminder of pie with ice cream and coffee, aka, the most perfectly balanced meal. So to make those dreams a reality, we put these lovely things together. Mix and match the scents with the whips, and top it all off with a roll of caffeine to make you smell absolutely decadent. Here’s what you’ve got to work with:

There’s 5mls of each pie scent, Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple, in a special tin. Next, there’s three 1oz jars of our Ice Cream Whips (available only in this box; think of a luscious, whipped lotion) in Maple Bourbon, Butterscotch, and Vanilla. Finally, there’s a 1oz roller (yes, a 1oz roller!!!) of new scent Caffeine Poisoning. Happy experimenting!

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