Femme Fatale scentcake for wax burners in Monster Munchies

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Our friend Sophie runs an incredible Australian company called Femme Fatale Cosmetics. She's basically who we want to be when we grow up: She's got her own makeup line, but she also imports makeup from indies from all over the world to make them more accessible for her Australian customers!

Femme Fatale is an Australian artisan line established in 2011 by Sophie Broadbent, a then-25 year old with a lifelong passion for colour and a demand for being creative. Our primary specialisations are duochrome/shifting eye shadows and delicate lacquer collections often inspired by our favourite classic works of literature or children’s novels. Based out of our sunny Brisbane workshop, Femme Fatale are dedicated to producing premium artisan products of individual quality, in addition to providing to you the leading shopping experience that makes us so popular amongst artisan and nail enthusiasts worldwide. Enjoy!

Mintie Bean Scentcakes are large, decorated slabs of soy wax! These are cute as can be – and smell delicious – but are definitely not for you to eat :)

Fragrance: Toffee apples, nutmeg, pear, caramel peanuts and buttery popcorn. Monster Munchies is a limited edition fragrance, part of the Hallowbean 2019 release. It will not be restocked.
Monster Munchies Scentcakes have an orange and lime green base, lime green leaves, sugar sprinkle eyes and regular sugar sprinkles, splatters of pink/purple wax and assorted glitters. Each Scentcake is completely unique, no two are exactly identical. This is a 100% handmade product.

What goes into the price of this wax?

We understand that the price point may seem a bit more top end than other waxes. However there are a few things to remember! Firstly, this wax is the same approximate size as a 6-cavity clamshell. Meaning you can get a minimum of 6 uses out of a Scentcake once it’s cut up. Secondly, our Scentcakes are far more creatively made than standard cavity waxes. It does take quite a bit of time to prepare our embeds (especially as some are decorated with mica or pigment, for extra effect) – sometimes we use up to 4 different embeds per Scentcake! We have trialled several waxes, and our current blend is softer – but the best in terms of setting without frosting or sinking. We also use a big variety of quality fragrance blends from several suppliers, some are imported specifically as well. We want to ensure we’re producing the best quality of wax, with the best presentation, the best throw and the best custom fragrance blends that we can – in addition to making each Scentcake fun and exciting for you to use – or to gift to a friend. The higher price point ensures we can keep investing back into Mintie Bean (fragrance, colour, moulds and general supplies etc) and continue creating.

Directions of Use

Scentcakes are made to be used in wax warmers only. Do not leave your wax warmer unattended, near children or pets. Ensure that nothing flammable is near the warmer when in use.
Once the fragrance starts to lessen (usually after several melts of the same piece of wax) you can switch it out for a new piece. Please take care to not overload your wax warmer. 

Although our Scentcakes look fun and smell delicious – they are absolutely not to be ingested or to be left around children unattended.

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