Guy Love

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You ask me ‘bout this thing we share, and he tenderly replies: It’s Guy Love, between two guys. Well, in this case, our guy love is between a guy and anyone who loves him, no matter how they identify. Parenting is hard, often unacknowledged work, and no parents are perfect. Fathers are often seen as the heads of house; the ones who earn a living, drink too much beer in a favorite armchair and snore over the television, and at the same time are stern taskmasters, yet they love you and care for you dearly. But fatherly, paternal love doesn’t have to come from a biological father. That high school music teacher who saved your life when your home life was in turmoil; your favorite cousin; your old boss who fought for you to be promoted; the uncle who showed up to every birthday party, concert, and graduation ceremony to tell you how proud he was of you; your brother who you nearly killed when he taught you how to drive (that squirrel came out of NOWHERE and you maintain that to this day); your best friend who’s now a parent and sends you silly videos of their kids farting and laughing in the bathtub: that’s Guy Love, that’s all it is, the feeling of some other guy, holding up your heart into the sky.

Scent Notes: pears, cucumber, hay accord, ginger lily, cardamom, suede

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