Holy Terror Perfume Oil from Arcana Wildcraft

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      Our friends at Arcana Wildcraft have brought us a few of their excellent perfume oils. 

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      From their website:

      Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2003, Arcana has been telling stories in scent for 16 years.

      We are a process-oriented perfume house, using ancient perfumery techniques, lavish ingredients, handmade extractions, wild-harvested plants, alchemy, aromatherapy, astrology, herbalism, and witchcraft.

      Holy Terror

      There are utterly somber and fearsome spirits which are known to haunt certain long-deserted chapels, monasteries, and abbeys. An unsettling, austere blend of burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles.

      Offered in a 5 ml amber glass apothecary bottle.

      Indie, handmade, vegan, cruelty free.

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