Jack O'Lantern, by Deconstructing Eden. Insanely popular and returning as a Suc exclusive.

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Our friends over at Deconstructing Eden specialize in a classical perfume style that I doesn't use fragrance oils. Everything is an aromachemical, essential oil, absolute, or, essence. Think naturals that aren't quite natural!

This is Jack O'Lantern, a bestseller of theirs from about five years ago. Fans have been screaming for it's return every since, and it's now exclusively at Suc!

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2.5ml - $3.50
5ml - $9.75

15ml - $22.50
30ml - $45.10

All EdP

Notes: Sweet and buttery pumpkin, deep amber musk, dry red maple leaves, oud and the tiniest bit of lavender to add lift and freshness.






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