Manly Men Collection Box

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

This product is no longer available, but you can view our fresh house fragrances to find something you'll love.

  • Scent Notes
    Dad Bod Scent Notes: A swirl of spices (wormwood, ginger, and aniseed) play with a bright top note of red mandarin. Resins and a touch of animalic musk create a lingering base note. Fist Bump Scent Notes: Vanilla bourbon, oud wood, sandalwood. Man Grunt Scent Notes: Golden amber, black patchouli, citrus, warm woods. Raptor Claw Scent Notes: A smoky cedar fire, cactus flower, black currant, tobacco. Shark Punch Scent Notes: Driftwood, sea spray, beach grass, vetiver, lemongrass, clary sage. Socks and Crocs Scent Notes: A juicy blend of figs and blackcurrants, grounded in cedarwood and bergamot, with a sparkling dash of pink peppercorn. T-Rex Arms Scent Notes: A masculine leaning fragrance of rich oud wood, laubdanum, violets, and a touch of coriander, all in a heady African musk base.
  • Description
      Looking for the perfect gift for the manliest of men in your life? Or maybe you’re just more inclined to more “traditionally masculine” scents? Then this is the collection of your dreams. It’s a set of 10ml oil rollerballs featuring all of our Manly Men scents: Fist Bump, Man Grunt, Dad Bod, Shark Punch, Socks and Crocs, and two new additions, T-Rex Arms and Raptor Claw. Dude, sweet! Sick collection, brah. We think so, too.

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