Odin's Thread Salve from Odin's Bead Hall

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      We're so honored to welcome Odin's Bead Hall to the Indie Marketplace. It's owned and operated by Odin, who has been part of the Sucreabeille community for as long as we can remember! NEW Odin's Thread Salve, a soft thread conditioner for many crafting applications. As a jewelry maker and embroidery artist, I wanted a nice specific formula to suit my needs that works with a variety of materials. After months of research and development, I have created a fantastic potion that deters knots and makes life easier. For beaders and jewelry makers: Slips through nylon threads with ease and reduces shredding. But this also doesn't apply to *just* jewelry making: For hand sewers, Cosplayers, and Reenactors: provides enough support for natural threads and improves texture, as well as makes it easier to embroider decorative designs on fabric. For embroidery and other needlework projects: makes metallic and stiff threads easier to work with, as well as keep the sheen of silken threads, while also strengthening and reducing shredding. **Key Features: -Vegan Formula -Emollient, not sticky with soft finish -Makes metallic threads easier to work with -Convenient dispensing -No chonks of wax caking on your thread or fabric -No mattifying of shiny threads -Easier to slip through tough fabrics ****MELT WARNING**** This is a wax based product that WILL melt in warmer climates and seasons. To be safe, put your conditioner in the fridge to resolidify before you use it.

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