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Pacific Rose Collection Box

Pacific Rose Collection Box

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This is our brand new Pacific Rose Collection, which includes two brand new scents developed by two of our awesome Lab Ladies, Shannon and Beth: Pacific Rose, and Sunshine & Low Tide. Yay! But what do they smell like, you ask? Well.

Pacific Rose is a gorgeous sea salty, mossy rose scent. Think a dozen perfect roses sitting on a blanket while you have a picnic on a sandy beach, breathing in their perfect aroma and the salty ocean air. That’s Pacific Rose.

Sunshine & Low Tide is inspired by Beth’s other day job as a shellfish farmer. But don’t let that scare you; this scent is the mixture of sunshine and tide flats in a bottle, salty and summery, with hints of dirt and kelp and sparkling aldehyde, like the bubbles in the sea foam as the ocean recedes from the flats. Yes.

The box contains:

A 10ml oil roller of Pacific Rose.

There’s also a ½ oz of our Hair and Body Oil in perennial favorite scent, Compass Rose.
A jar of our Buttercream Lotion in Mutiny, from our Awkward Bandits line.

A brand new product: Salt Scrub! It’s our famous Soap Fluff with Dead Sea salt added, to keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated. We love a good twofer; plus, it’s scented with Sunshine & Low Tide! 

And, there’s some cute little 1ml samples of Sunshine & Low Tide, Mutiny, and Compass Rose.