Salty Mother's Day Collection Box

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* If you purchase either Mother's Day Collection box and only a box it will ship out by the next business day and shipping will be included by using the code MOMSDAY (valid ONLY if you purchase a Mother’s Day Collection box).*

Is someone you love a salty mom? You know: doesn’t take crap from anyone; grumbles obscenities under her breath while vacuuming so the kids don’t hear her; jokes about her coffee mug being full of vodka (it’s not, it’s obscene loads of coffee, but we can pretend). Or maybe you are that mom, in which case, we salute you. But if you have a salty mom in your life, then this is the collection box for her. There’s a 1oz oil rollerball of I’m Too Old for This Shit for … obvious reasons. Then there’s a 4oz jar of our Summer Glaze lotion (which is a lighter formulation than our classic Buttercream lotion) scented with Vodka and Swearing for, again, pretty obvious reasons, and perfect for days mom wants to pretend that she can have as much vodka and swear as much as she did before she had all these kids around her all the time. Finally, there’s a lovely tin with drams of Chloroform, Attempted Murder, Impending Doom, and Don’t Panic! There's also a 1oz bottle of our Hair and Body Oil scented with Goth AF. We love all the salty moms out there, mainly because even though they’re feisty and salty, we know that deep down they love being a mom and wouldn’t change a thing about their lives. Happy Mother’s Day to all the salty mothers out there who hold a special place in our hearts.

Lineage scent notes: Cardamom, dragon's blood, bergamot, light musk


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