SAMPLE of Twice to Tea Earl Grey vanilla lavender tea from Poesie Tea and Perfumery

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Poesie Tea and Perfumery is inspired by stylish days gone by, open books, cozy cups of tea, embarking on a new journey, wandering the streets of far away cities, waking up and following your heart… It’s for the adventurers, the dreamers, and those who know how to enjoy the view as this crazy world spins on its axis every day.

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Twice to Tea: lavender vanilla earl grey tea

Each sample bag contains enough loose leaf tea for two cups

A hint of lavender is perfectly balanced by vanilla in a delicious, Earl Grey tea. Each bag contains 15+ single servings of loose leaf tea.

Earl Grey tea is a black tea blend which has been flavored with the addition of bergamot, a member of the citrus family. Although it’s named after Earl Charles Grey, a British prime minister, it originated in China. Lore has it that the flavored tea was a gift to the prime minister from a Chinese mandarin in thanks for opening up tea trade routes.

Ingredients: organic lavender, black tea, vanilla, bergamot, orange peel, blue cornflower petals

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