Sample set of 5 1ml perfume oils from Alpha Musk: Bardot, Violet Musk, Heirloom Begonia, Figgy Musk, Egyptian Amber Cashmere Cream

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Alpha Musk is a gorgeous perfumery specializing in musk based perfumes. Her shop is incredible, and very much worth a visit!

A glimpse of some ALPHA MUSK!

Sample packs include:

Bardot- Our best selling fragrance, my lady! Gorgeous badass goddess like musk that’s insanely irresistible. Notes of roses, woods, magnolias but all blended so effortlessly and meld together beautifully in this sexy magnetizing musk. Everyone who smells it loves it. Very femme. Iconic


Egyptian Amber Cashmere Cream- just what it sounds like it is! it’s a sweet golden Egyptian amber blended with some house cashmere cream and cozy sandalwood incense and a bit of some fuzzy woodsy imported musk to make it super soft, sensual, cozy and luxurious.


Figgy Musk- a fresh and nostalgic blend of fresh figs, fig leaves and fig branches, a hint of young cedarwood, a touch of creamy musk blended with a bright green musk! 


Violet Musk- a special ethereal aldehydic pheromonal blend including Egyptian musk blue, cut with sweet red musk, and some sultry red Egyptian musk too; it’s dark purple & it’s moody and a bit sexy with a swig of electrical brightness. 

Heirloom Begonia- this is my take on the popular 1800’s true scented begonia french perfume. It includes a creamy magnolia accord with a touch of soft pink tuberose all blended with a distinctly soft yet sweet cotton candy accord. Heirloom begonias were said to have smelled like cotton candy but the original scent of begonias has disappeared in its evolution. I was lucky enough to have experienced an authentic vintage rendition of the original heirloom begonia at a perfume exhibit years ago and I couldn’t shake just how breathtaking it was! This blend finally satisfied my memory of this anomaly.

From her bio:

I’m obsessed with all nuisances of a musk and I am never set on just trying one type of any kind of musk because they are always kind of different and who knows what will be the next musk I discover that’s one note away from perfect or is just darn lovely. I’ve been obsessed with musk ever since I got my first whiff of Egyptian musk as a preteen and immediately went to my local record shop and bought up an excessive amount of oil perfumes. Being the perfume obsessed person I am I spent most my time researching scents from around the world and I’ve invested in some pretty interesting stuff over the years. I started to provide decants and blends for some local vintage shops and natural food stores and I did a few farmers markets here and there and I’ve always had good feedback and nothing makes me happier in the world than working with perfumes and taking about scents! In fact I found my first online community of fellow fragheads back in the early 2000’s on makeup alley. Years of accumulating people’s opinions and thoughts on perfumes and brands has taught me a lot.

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